by Mavradoxa

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The debut album by Laurentian Black Metal outfit Mavradoxa, a forty minute wilderness dirge cascading from the arcane depths.


"Though the band just formed in 2016, the album shows a maturity not often brought on debut efforts. There’s still lots of wandering melodies and ethereal hints of post-metal, but its very movements sound Appalachian in nature..."
-The Metal Observer

"The excellent Sojourners draws from a much wider swath of influences...Highly recommended for fans of bands like the aforementioned Agalloch, Waldgeflüster and Falls of Rauros."
-Invisible Oranges

"Dense forests and frozen Lake Ontario come to mind through vivid atmospheres painted by the guitars."
-The Dark Skies Above Us

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released November 15, 2016

All music composed by Mavradoxa
All lyrics written by Nival
Recorded in May, 2016, at Rotten Metal Studios
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Joe Leising
Cover artwork by Tyler Reitan



all rights reserved


Mavradoxa Rochester, New York

" I want to confess as best I can, but my heart is void.

The void is a mirror.

I see my face and feel loathing and horror.

My indifference to men has shut me out.

I live now in a world of ghosts,

a prisoner in my dreams."
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Track Name: Tempest of Dreams
Here in the moonlit groves
Standing below celestial waves
Revealed by cosmic shores
Offing of the night, a grave

We are sojourners of this world
And we long to return home
Transcending through the tempest
Only shattered chains remain

Ensanguined fog billows forth
As bodily prisons fade
Haunting woodnotes echo through the night
Forest aura! Arise from shade

We are sojourners of this world
And we long to return home
Transcending through the tempest
Only shattered chains remain

Thus we shall wander eternally
Through the vastness and serenity
Through shade of nebula, through glow of moonbeam
Which creates the path to arcane dreams
Dragging us far beyond the forbidden
To the gates of the tempest, we are hidden
Where the corporeal ceases to be
An eternal journey begins in beauty and grandeur

A great machine looms afar
Spewing burnt, congealing tar
Black spires obscure the sun
Threatening to consume

Chains lying broken and withering
Beneath the dystopian waste
Soon the foliage will bury them
Track Name: Mist of the Tides
Entranced, I gaze upon the trees
In the noble haunt, as I journey to the ocean shore

Ardent flames, I summon thee
The swamp a cenotaph
These forlorn bones wither to ash

I am flames and the alpenglow
Peaks ablaze in the night
Woodland mirage which veils our sight

I have devoured the sunlight that once captivated
Extinguishing the embers of our forefathers graves

Below the mist of the tides
Where winds of time shall confine
Where wayworn spirits wander evermore
And nothing shall be washed ashore
Track Name: Enshrouded in Dawn
Whispers of dawn echo through the winds of time
Wistful, beckoning calls flowing through the boughs
Crystalline waters rushing throgh forgotten streams
Down they trickle through glassy falls like sand

The hours, frozen, now begin to fade away
For the death of man a choir of raven calls lament
An ode to saplings sprouting from an iron sea
Carried softly through the branches on a woodsmoke breeze

The reverent forests shroud us in the dawn
Our footprints buried below autum leaves
The endless snowfall has been called upon
Throes of a coming storm and winters are perceived

Spectrum of fleeting rays swirling through the clouds of mist
Where the aeonian portal of radiance exists
Far from the reach of man, I dwell in solitude!

At a distance wicked winter's embrace is creeping
Bones of the world reaching ever skyward, consuming
O grand woods I beseech thee; consume my remains
Track Name: My Bones Become the Roots
My bones become the roots of the trees
My breath, a fog of malice to enshroud
My blood becomes the essence of the streams
The brittle remains a shrine on the wayside

Clenching the still-beating heart of mankind within my hands
Echoes from the winter's past shall pervade these hollow lands
The eternal night calls to me. Cloaked in a veil of the raven's demise

...To relinquish a frail body to the majestic woods
And revel in the untouched secrets lost to time